Not sure how this story one how many spaces should come after a period became the top story on Digg, but I still loved it. I like his three arguments in favor of two spaces:

It gives closure to your thought. The double space is a nice psychological cue that a sentence is done. Uniform single spacing does not offer any closure.

Single spacing is pretentious. It’s exactly the type of thing my anal retentive, douchebag professor would point out on my research papers. It’s even call “French Spacing.” I rest my case. [shiny edit: you shouldn’t have told him to get his godson a hooker for his 13th birthday. That’s why he hated you.]

It’s more efficient. One of the common single spacing arguments is that it saves you a keystroke. That’s bullshit. If the double tap was drilled into your DNA when you were young, then it certainly does not save you a keystroke. In fact, it adds a keystroke and breaks up your flow, as you constantly have to delete the “extra” space in order to appease the powers that be.

For the record, I’m pro-double-space. Read the rest here.

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