Between Feedly and Summify and Read it Later, it’s easier than ever for me to read great nonfiction and features about the craft of writing. If anything, there’s too much to keep up with. But here are a few great reads from the past week:

1. Roy Peter Clark on the first storytelling rule is “Get the Name of the Dog

2. Dan Blank hits you in the gut and urges you to “Build Your Legacy Now, Before It Is Too Late.”

3. Sometimes the best writing is no writing at all, just damn good reporting and research. Case in point: Grantland’s oral history of the infamous 2004 Piston-Pacers brawl in Detroit, “The Malice at the Palace.”

4. Alyssa Rosenberg on the problem of major magazines not hiring women writers and her suggestions for ten of the best they should hire.

5. I’m all about the #Longreads, but sometimes you just want something short. Check out some great short-short nonfiction stories over at

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Dan Blank · March 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Thanks so much for the mention Matt!

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