Author’s note: I originally posted this in 2008 when the count was around 40 drinks. I updated this from time to time as I discover new (and usually awful) energy drinks.

Hi, I’m Matt, and I’m an energy drink addict.

With a baby and a toddler at home, a demanding job, freelance clients, graduate school, and a determination to play poker with a competitive edge, I drink at least one of these bubbly canisters of caffeine, taurine, guarana, and various other mysterious chemicals a day. I don’t drink coffee, so my daily energy boost comes from one of the following drinks. I’ll take all the help I can get.

Since 2006, I’ve tried almost every sugar-free energy drink I’ve discovered. Unless otherwise noted, I stick to the low-carb versions of these drinks, but occasionally, I sample full-sugar energy drinks as well. Some are forgettable, some made me cringe, some made me feel like I could jump over a house.

Below is every energy drink I’ve tried, rated, with notes:

Top Shelf

  1. Jolt Ultra: Sugar Free. This is a tough drink to find, but if you see one, grab it. Light. Refreshing. Smooth. Tastes a bit like a carbonated version of the original Gatorade, spiked with a major payload of caffeine. Comes in a big, re-sealable 24-oz canister that looks like something that might be used to refuel a space ship. If I could find this one in more stores, it would be my first choice. Tragically, the Jolt Cola company declared backruptcy in 2009. Where is the justice? If the Twinkies and Ding Dongs could come back, perhaps there is still hope…
  2. Monster Java Lo-Ball.  I don’t like coffee, but I DO like this.  Kind of like a mocha drink, but cheaper, tastier, and loaded with bubbly caffeinated goodness.  Can’t get this yet in DC, but it will be a favorite when it does.
  3. Monster Lo Carb (the Blue one).  A smooth, sweet flavor that goes down easy. No bitterness, or harsh citrus flavors. I’d drink this even if it wasn’t supercharged with caffeine. You can find this at almost any supermarket or mini-mart. Hard to beat this as an excellent go-to energy drink.
  4. Rush Energy Lite. Damn, this is a good drink! Sweet, tasty, and powerful…  like strawberry soda on steroids! Arguably the best overall drink in this list. Sadly, I have only seen this drink one time while in Miami… and I fear it may be extinct.
  5. Ace Energy Drink: Lo Carb. Tastes a bit like Sweet Tarts, pulverized and and liquefied into energy drink form. Nice refreshing flavor. Not sure how potent this drink is, as I didn’t feel much of a kick. Bonus points for the funky, retro, poker- and pin-up girl themed packaging. A damn good drink, if you can find it.
  6. Team Realtree Outdoor Energy Low Carb. Real nice. Light and smooth. Don’t be fooled by the wanna-be redneck/hunter-alpha-male branding: It tastes like cream soda. It’s great, whether or not you drink it while killing defenseless animals.
  7. Jolt Electric Blue (Caffeine x2). Another insanely brilliant drink by the now-bankrupt Jolt Cola company. Subtle blueberry flavor. Smooth. No aftertaste. Only drawback: not sugar free. A few remaining bottled of this can be found here and there (I found some at BevMo in Los Angeles). Grab them while you can.
  8. Monster Muscle Energy Shake: Vanilla. Kinda awesome. Not sugar free, but hella tasty, 25g of protein, and 156mg of Caffeine. It’s smooth, filling, and delivers the energy.
  9. Red Bull Total Zero A sugar-free, zero-calorie vision of the energy drink that everyone knows. Seems to have a lighter flavor as well; a little less sweet. It’s subtle, smooth, and tasty. Might be a bit overpriced, but aside from that, it’s a great go-to energy drink.
  10. Rip-It F-Bomb (Sugar-Free). Easily the best of the Rip It energy drinks. A refreshing, fruit-punch flavor just short of being too sweet. Not too heavy. And at 99-cents and zero calories, it’s a steal.
  11. Spike Shooter: Orange Gold. Wow. Tiny can, but packed with 300mg of Caffeine. That’s like six Diet Cokes or two Blue Monsters… Anyway, tastes great, like Orange Crush. Beware, though: it packs a serious wallop. Even for a hardcore energy drink fiend like me, this gave me the jitters.
  12. Spike Shooter: Original Flavor. See above, only it tastes more like fruit punch. Again, beware: this thing packs a major punch. Might make some people jump off bridges or something…
  13. Spike Shooter: ‘Quila Lime. See above. Quite tasty, with a bit of citrus bite. And the drink packs a punch. Again, beware: Not an energy drink for lightweights.
  14. Full Throttle Lo-Carb. Nice and smooth, but does it taste like bubble gum? Good, but nothing I’d crave. It’s Coca-Cola’s stab at the energy drink market. Solid, but not overwhelming.
  15. Full Throttle Fury. Throttle’s spunky little brother, a nice change-of-pace energy drink. More fruity. Very, very hard to find these days.
  16. Full Throttle Unleaded I think this has replaced the Full Throttle Lo-Carb… Good, crisp, and taste. A first-tier energy drink.
  17. Go Girl Energy Drink: Peach Tea. So if you can get over the very girly-looking can and the fact that it’s a decidedly unmanly peach-flavored drink, this is a brilliant drink. Nice, sweet, balanced. Like a cool glass of peach iced tea. 65 mg caffeine. No sugar.
  18. Java Monster: Irish Blend. Not exactly lo-cal: it’s 100 calories; but it’s pretty damn good. Tastes like an Irish coffee, without the whisky. Feel free to add it yourself. It’s a damn good little drink. Tough to find in stores, but if you can, it’s worth a try.
  19. All-In Energy Drink: Grape. I had pretty low expectations for this over-marketed, poker-themed energy drink, but I have to give it credit: tastes like grape Crush and delivers a nice punch of caffeine. Very tasty. Two downsides: First, the small, Red Bull-sized can is so 2003. Second, the language on the back of the can is very silly. An energy drink is a beverage, not a life philosophy.
  20. Go Girl Sugar Free. Make no mistake: this is a very girly drink (it comes in a two-toned light pink can) but it’s pretty good. A light strawberry flavor, but not overwhelming. A slight aftertaste, but just barely. And it packs 100mg of caffeine. So much for being a sissy drink. All-in-all, a nice little drink. Go girl, indeed.
  21. Speed Unleaded Energy. Light and fruity, without being overly sweet. Decent boost of caffeine. If you can get past the ugly NASCAR branding on the can, this is a nice little drink.
  22. Monster Absolute Zero. This seems exactly like Monster Lo Carb except it has “ZERO” calories (instead of 10). And for that, they charge a dollar more? We may be caffiene junkies, but we’re not idiots.
  23. Surprisingly Solid

  24. FRS Health Energy: Low Cal Peach Mango. A different kind of energy drink: it’s not carbonated and actually includes real mango puree in it. Boasts an alleged antioxidant called quercetin. Not bad at all. Tastes like a smooth, rich fruit juice. The only downsides: comes in a skinny, tall 11.5 oz can, and didn’t seem to pack much of a punch. Not as loaded with caffeine as other drinks.
  25. Scheckter’s Organic Energy Lite. It’s small, it’s fruity, and it’s organic. Kinda dull and timid of flavor, but I actually understand what every ingredient is — it’s mix of juices, nectars, and guarnana, with some caffeine extracted from tea and coffee beans. Kind of refreshing, though I wished it packed a little more punch. Not the most invigorating energy drink out there.
  26. Guru Lite. Small can. Tastes a little like Hawaiian punch. Not bad at all. Not a great value, though. Still, a pretty solid little energy drink if you can find it for cheap.
  27. Amp: Sugar Free Lightning. Kinda like drinking a box of Lemonheads.Carbonated, sugar-free lemonade with 80mg of caffeine. Not bad. But by the time you finish the 16 oz can, the sweetness and fake lemon flavor gets a little tired.
  28. RockStar Roasted Light Vanilla. Smooth and not too sweet. Nice mix of vanilla with a hint of coffee flavor. Big punch of caffeine. An excellent drink, though hard to find.
  29. Monster Energy: Ultra Blue. Another one of the Monster family of energy drinks. This one is also zero calories, but it’s heavy on the berry flavor. The can is very fancy with some kind of textured stuff on it, but it doesn’t add much to the actual drinking experience. Not a bad drink, but there are a bunch of other Monter drinks I’d grab for before this one.
  30. RockStar Lo-Carb.  Tastes better than other RockStar drinks, and has more caffeine. Win win! A little too fruity, perhaps, but other than that, a nice go-to drink. This was #1 for a while, but I’m starting to think this is just too sweet and berry-flavored, so I’m dropping it down the rankings a bit.
  31. Xenergy Mango Guava. Stop laughing, it’s hella tasty and smooth! fruity, but not overly sweet… very balanced flavor
  32. Xenergy Blu Pom See above; another excellent drink… tastes like berries and fruit, but not in a syrupy, overpowering way… crisp and delicious
  33. Freek Sugar-Free Maniac. Ignore the horror-movie packaging — nothing scary about this tasty, refreshing energy drink! A very exciting new discovery, if you can find it.
  34. Venom Energy Mojave Rattler. Made by the company that makes Seven Up and Dr. Pepper, this lo-carb drink doesn’t exactly taste as dangerous as it sounds. A nice, crisp berry flavor with a hint of citrus. Comes in a funky, re-closable bottle that looks vaguely like something in which you might store nuclear isotopes. A solid drink, but nothing particularly special.
  35. Amp Energy (Sugar Free). Nice nice… Kind of Mountain Dew-y, but lighter-tasting and fresher. A solid new drink.
  36. Highball Energy Drink. Found this at Whole Foods the other day and tried the lemon lime version. Very subtle flavor, kind of like tonic water. Not bad at all. Not the most powerful energy drink, but smooth.
  37. Perk! Vanilla. This is “sparkling chilled coffee” so I’m not even sure it qualifies to make this list, but since I found it nuzzled between some Monsters and some Rockstars at a shady convenience mart, I’m going to allow it. And it’s solid. Sweet, carbonated, coffee-flavored stuff with a light vanilla hint. Pleasant. And with zero calories and 150 MG of caffeine in the bottle, not bad at all.
  38. Jamba All Natural Energy Drink: Strawberry Banana. I’ll give it this: it’s pretty natural, and it tastes pretty good. A nice blend of strawberry and banana puree and actual fruit juice, sweetened with a little bit of stevia. The downsides? The little can delivers still 20 grams of sugar and only 80 grams of caffeine, which is really about half a cup of coffee. So you get a lot of sugar and not a lot of energy. So is it worth it? Not sure…
  39. Monster Rehab (Tea/Lemonade). So this edition of the Monster franchise is a non-carbonated version of an Arnold Palmer. Tea with lemonade, but with lots of caffiene. Not bad, but not anything great.
  40. Monster Rehab (Green Tea + Energy). See above, except more of a subtle green tea flavor. Fine, I guess. But nothing you’d ever crave…
  41. RockStar Recovery. I’m not sure RockStar needed another variety of their energy drinks, but here’s another: this one is uncarbonated and has a vague lemonade flavor. Supposedly, it’s a “hydration” energy drink because it has electrolytes. Whatever. It’s utterly forgettable.
  42. Sexy Italia Energy Drink Plus. Not sugar-free, but I got it as a gift so I tried it. Excellent flavor: maybe a blend of cherry or raspberry, and very smooth. Would go great with vodka. If you’re in Italy any time soon, this might be a good call.
  43. Rockstar Recovery. Another energy drink that pretends to be some kind of workout supplement (ENERGY + HYDRATION!). Don’t all drinks provide “hydration?” I tried the “Lemonade” flavored one. Sweet and tasty. Also pretty forgettable.
  44. Vegas Fuel. Kind of a weak concept: this is an energy drink to remind you of what you might need if you were going on a night out in Las Vegas? Huh? Anyway, it’s fruity, maybe a tad oversweet. I’ve tasted worse, but it’s kind of a dumb drink.
  45. Lower Your Expectations

  46. Nawgan Alertness Beverage: Red Berries. Not sure what to make of this thing. Marketed as “what to drink when you want to think,” and boasting “a unique combination of choline and cytidine” that it claims is key to increased focus and concentration, it tries to be a “natural” energy drink. To me, it just tasted like a watery berry-flavored soda, with a hint of tea underlying the cane sugar, stevia, and random chemical flavorings. And afterward, I pretty much felt the same as beforehand. Not a bad drink, but I won’t remember it an hour from now.
  47. Redline: Triple Berry. Tasted like berry-flavored Kool Aid. A bit too sweet. Aftertaste was a tad harsh. Not bad, but not great.
  48. Java Monster: Chai Hai. It’s a Monster drink. No wait, it’s a coffee drink. No wait, it’s a chai drink. And it’s not sugar-free. At first sip, it seemed very rich and tasty, like a good Chai. But after a third and fourth sip, it just seemed a little too milky and a little too sweet. Not a bad drink, but hard to drink a whole can.
  49. NOS Sugar-Free. Nice flavor, kinda citrusy, but in a good way; not a bad drink if you found it on sale someplace
  50. Cocaine Energy Drink. Not sugar-free, but someone found this for me, and with a name like “Cocaine,” clearly this is drink crying out for attention. The packaging describes it as “a carbonated atomic fireball,” which sounds about right. It burns your throat and nose as if you chewed up up a bunch of fireball candies. And it’s got a ton of caffeine in it. But after all that, it’s not a particularly enjoyable beverage. I struggled to finish the can.I ‘ll say this — it tastes far different than any other energy drink, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.
  51. Shark (regular).  Tried this one in Thailand.  Like a Red Bull, but not so cough syrupy… Not bad.  Didn’t find a lo-carb version. Solid.
  52. AMP Energy Boost – Grape. This variety of AMP isn’t sugar free, and isn’t really very good. Too sweet. Like someone mixed Robotussin with Tonic Water. No thanks.
  53. Steaz Energy — Zero Calorie. Well, the packaging is great. A clean white can, sans serif fonts, and beautiful use of white space. Marketed as another “natural” energy drink with organic ingredients, I want to like this. I really do. But it tastes like a bitter, rotting pear. Did I mention it has a beautiful can, though?
  54. Low-Carb Kronik Protein Energy. According to the can, it contains “power too sick for science.” If by “too sick” they mean Watery, berry-flavored fuzzy water, with a slightly bitter aftertaste, suppose they might be right… Next!
  55. Unbound Energy Lo-Carb.  Discovered this new one on a gas stop near Pittsburgh, PA.  Not bad, but very sweet, without any real flavor to distinguish itself.  Not bad, but nothing special.
  56. Enviga Sparkling Green Tea (Berry Flavor).  Something new from Coca-Cola and Nestle.  A little fruity, but fresh-tasting and loaded with caffeine and green tea extracts. A little timid.
  57. Vault Zero. More of a soda than an energy drink, but tasty, cheap, and loaded with caffeine; close your eyes and you might mistake it for Mountain Dew
  58. MdX Sugar Free. Some kind of “extreme” Mountain Dew drink (Mountain Dew X!) Like Vault Zero… only a little weaker
  59. Starbucks Mocha Doubleshot Energy + Coffee. My brother reviewed the Vanilla version of this thing, so I was curious. They didn’t have a sugar-free version, but I tried it anyway. Verdict? Tastes like Yoohoo chocolate milk. Meh. Go for the Monster Java Lo-Ball if you want coffee/energy drink fusion.
  60. Monster Rehab (ProTEAn + Energy). This one is just strange. Vaguely tastes like tea… but also has a strange chalky aftertaste (must be the 15g of protein blended into this chemical concoction.) All-in-all, pretty nasty.
  61. Hi-Ball Energy — Wild Berry. Good news: it’s organic, fair-trade certified, and made of relatively natural ingredients, unlike most of these drinks. Bad news: it’s 100 calories and it takes like weak berry juice. Yawn.
  62. Starbucks Refreshers Strawberry-Lemonade. Not bad: it’s light and refreshing, and does, in fact, taste like a carbonated strawberry lemonade. Doesn’t pack much punch since it’s only based on tea extract. So it’s a nice little drink that you can find almost anywhere. The bad news is that it comes in a cutesy little pink can, and you look like a 13-year-old girl drinking it.
  63. 99 degrees (sugar free).  200MG of caffeine?!? Wow. Not bad, but the flavor is a bit medicinal.  Not too fruit, not too citrusy.  Just kind of like weak fruit punch with some hidden drug in it.  Not terrible, but nothing to grab off a shelf if other options were available.
  64. Diet Red (Hansen):  Small can, sweet.  Very Red Bullish, with more of a berry flavor. Not bad, but nothing special
  65. Mad-Croc. I honestly can’t tell how this isn’t the same drink as Red Bull Sugar Free… Maybe 2% more “bite”…  Solid, and I think cheaper than Red Bull.
  66. Sugar-Free Red Bull The small can is awful as a matter of value… $2 for 8oz? And despite being one of the first energy drinks, its flavor is pretty unremarkable.
  67. Brava Italia. Almost indistinguishable from Red Bull… maybe a little harsher. Odd European soccer players on the can. Not sugar-free.
  68. Rhino’s. See Diet Red and Mad-Croc… maybe a little more tart, which isn’t better
  69. Bing Energy Drink. The “Bing” refers to the cherry flavor, of which there is a ton in this semi-natural, semi-sugar free energy drink. Nice flavor, but a bit too sweet and syrupy. Had a tough time finishing the can.
  70. Archer Farms: Sugar Free Raspberry. Target makes this drink, and it’s not bad. Gentle flavor, almost like a flavored seltzer water. The can is ridiculously girly. No man would want to be seen walking around with this, but his girlfriend might love it. Not much caffeine that I could detect. Meh…
  71. Flirt Energy Drink. I was embarrassed to buy this thing: easily the girliest energy drink of all time, with a bright, skinny pink can and a white script logo. I had to hand in my man card to buy this thing. And it’s not bad; just not great. Very fruity and heavy on berry flavor. Not a bad little drink, but most guys wouldn’t be caught dead in public holding this thing.
  72. Archer Farms: Sugar Free Tangerine. See above. Same deal, with a little more of a citrus taste. Yawn.
  73. Jolt Endurance Shot: Wild Grape. One of the new trend of micro energy drinks in shot form, this 2.5 oz energy bump is like grape fruit punch that didn’t get mixed with enough water. Reminded me of children’s medicine. And where’s the enjoyment of drinking something like this? Lots of caffeine, no doubt, but not much enjoyment and a pretty forgettable flavor.
  74. Rockstar Energy Shot: Tropical Fruit Punch Flavor. Here’s the good news: it delivers 200mg of caffeine in a 2.5oz bottle. The bad news: it tastes like Robitussin.
  75. Simpsons “Flaming Moe” Energy Drink. Not sugar-free, but I got it as a gift and tried it. Not bad, actually… tastes like bubble gum. Best thing about it is the art on can, but otherwise, pretty forgettable.
  76. Rofo Ka 5cal. Meh. Seemed a lot like Red Bull, with a vaguely bubble-gum, berry flavor. Just too sweet and generic. And not much of a punch.
  77. Junk in a Can

  78. Bawls Exxtra. Bawls made one of the earliest hyper-caffienated drinks on the market, and it came in a funky blue bottle (see below). Recently, they released a sugar-free edition of the drink. Not awful, but it tastes like sugar water… without the sugar. And I’m paying $2.49 for this why?
  79. Monster Rehab (Rojo Tea). Another non-carbonated Monster mutation. This one, however, tastes like cranberry juice. Blech… What’s next, Monster Energy: EXTREME Prune Juice Edition?
  80. Ripped Rage: Sugar Free. The packaging on this thing is very macho: chains, jagged typefaces, and a huge “R” that looks like it was carved into the side of a tree. It also boasts of using a “themogenic matrix(TM) that will make you break a sweat, or break something!” Um… okay, tough guy! Meanwhile, it tastes likes raspberries that were left in the fridge a week too long.
  81. Exotic Spanish Fly. Very strange drink. This not-sugar-free “Spanish Fly” drink is made in Germany featuring something called “shizandra,” a Chinese herb “cherished among women as a sexual enhancer and youth invigorator.” Hmmmm… Well, this Spanish-German-Chinese energy drink tastes vaguely like berries. Slightly bitter aftertaste. Meh…
  82. Red Bull SugarFree Shot. Meh. Tastes like condensed Red Bull, with no carbonation. 2oz of blah. And only 80mg of caffeine. Why bother? Other energy “shots” taste just as bad, but give you a bigger boost…
  83. Blade Energy. Meh. I can’t tell if this is a CVS-owned product, but it’s like a Blue Montster, only a bit more harsh tasting. A very forgettable drink.
  84. RockStar. An utterly forgettable drink. The best thing I can say is that it has bubbles.
  85. Diet Pepsi Max.  Diet Pepsi + extra caffeine.  Not not THAT much caffeine.  Meh….
  86. 5-Hour Energy Shot, Lemon Lime Flavor. I tried not to hold the annoying “5-Hour Energy” commercials against this product, but like most “energy shots,” but this is terrible. If they made Lemon-Lime Robotussin, this is how it would taste. I also didn’t notice much of bump from this product; certainly not “five hours” of energy. The one good thing I can say about it is that the experience is over quickly. Like a shot of bad tequila: it’s nasty, but chug it quickly and it’s gone.
  87. Bawls. I tried this—the non sugar-free version—before they came out with a lo-carb edition. Meh. Tastes like syrup. Oh wait, it IS syrup, with some caffeine added in for good measure. No thanks. Sexy bottle, nasty drink.
  88. Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink. Sweet, weak, and kinda apple-juicy… Barely drinkable.
  89. Arizona RX Energy Fast Shot. Take the above lame drink, condense it down into 2 oz of syrup. Barely drinkable becomes barely swallow-able. That’s not an improvement, but at least it’s over more quickly.
  90. Monster HitMan LoBo Energy Shooter. Ugh. Tastes like Nyquil. I hate these energy shots/shooters with a passion. It has 160 MG of caffeine, but barely worthy the awful experience of swallowing this thick gooey mess.
  91. Crunk. I really hoped to like Crunk, being Lil Jon’s official energy drink and all… The can boasts about the unique ingredient: Ashwaganda Horny Goat Weed. Imagine what you’d expect Horny Goat Weed to taste like — that’s what this tasted like.
  92. 24:7 Lo-Carb Energy Drink.  If you squint your eyes, it looks like a Blue Monster. But it tastes like a Red Bull mixed with Antifreeze. Yuck.
  93. Energade. Like Gatorade, only weaker and flatter-tasting. Pretty terrible stuff, which is why I’m pretty sure it no longer exists.
  94. Give Energy: Pear. Apple. Cherry. It’s natural and made from ingredients I understand, but it tastes like a pear that you left in the trunk of your car for a couple weeks.
  95. Sparks. An energy drink mixed with beer. And yes, it tastes about as bad as that sounds.
  96. Lost Lo-Carb. Sour. Bitter. Horrible. Please STAY lost.
  97. Lost Five-O. Even worse… I could only take two sips of this before surrendering.
  98. Beverage Crimes Against Humanity

  99. Sobe Adrenaline Rush. Bitter. Possibly rancid. The only adrenaline I need for this is for throwing the can as far from me as I can.
  100. BooKoo.Is BooKoo a foreign word for “water pollution?”
  101. VonDutch. Just foul-tasting, bitter, and weak. Almost undrinkable. Von Sucks.
  102. Sobe NoFear. Easily the worst energy drink in the world… Seriously. Someone needs to be charged with a felony for marketing this sour, bitter can of nastiness. It might be made from rancid grapefruits. Humans should not ingest this liquid.
  103. WORX Energy: Original Formula. It’s only a tiny little 2oz bottle, but it’s one of the worst things in the universe. I spit out the first sip. If you’re nostalgic for the flavor of fluoride treatment at your dentist, you’ll love WORX. I seriously considered declaring this the worst energy drink ever, but one I’ve tried was worse. Barely.
  104. Fuel Extra Strength 7 Hour Energy Shot: Fruit Flavor. I’m not a fan of “energy shots” over actual drinks to begin with, but this is simply horrible. If cough medicine could go bad, it might taste like this. Inside this little bottle is a dark, terrible place where happiness and joy die.


Scott Kelley · February 23, 2008 at 5:43 pm

I agree with your top three picks. I stay away from Amp though. For some reason after drinking one, I was up for 48+ hours.

Jonathan · June 6, 2008 at 10:35 am

Love the Monster Low Carb. CVS was out of it today so I picked up their knockoff version of it called Blade. Yep…you were right…it sucked. I should have known better.

Lori · January 4, 2009 at 12:25 am

All Rockstar drinks should be automatically knocked down a few spots for their association with right-wing nutjobs

Josh Mc · January 27, 2009 at 4:08 am

You need to update this blog

UHU · March 14, 2009 at 4:30 pm

Great post, but it leaves me with two questions:

1) When was the last year you slept?

2) Is your insomnia causing you to develop really cool super powers?



Mary S · April 15, 2009 at 7:20 pm

Your glow-in-the-dark replacement dog clone needs a walk. Based on this list you should have the energy to walk him for days!!! Keep a heart rate monitor nearby will you! Geeeeeez!

Energy Drinks Review · June 26, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Very cool! Great information about energy drinks. There’s a ton of them out there. The only problem with many of them is how the body reacts with large doses of vitamins, sugar, minerals and caffeine. I don’t like that about them. Thank you!

JOET · August 5, 2009 at 2:12 pm

Try and find Venom-Black Mamba. That shit is unreal. Its got a lot of sugar, but man I had half a can before a day of work and I had energy for like 8 hours. Its made by dr. pepper and snapple. This shit is legit if you need liquid crack.

Richard · October 15, 2009 at 8:33 am

you have no right to be rating energy drinks if all you drink is sugar free shit.

Matt P · October 15, 2009 at 9:20 am

What’s wrong with wanting an energy boost without 28-30 grams of sugar to go with it? That’s like having a Snickers bar along with your drink every time you open a can…

Muxxlmonster · March 31, 2010 at 10:45 am

Check out my collection

Reagan · May 22, 2012 at 2:57 am

i read throught but i didnt see monter vanilla light. i havent tasted it yet and was wondering if i should give it a shot. i like coffe and vanilla and monster energy, so i should like monsters vanilla right? i was just wondering what it tastes like. and great job on the reviews!!

Patrick Murray · August 24, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Hello Matt! I recently read your article on the top 100 energy drinks that you found to be tasty/effective/attractive etc. I remember you saying how much of these drinks you consume due to you not drinking coffee and i would like to offer you a different solution, one that is 10x healthier than everything you listed with clinical studies to back it all (none of which you mentioned in your post). As you know the energy drinks you listed are actually quite terrible for you and if there was a way i could send you or show you some samples i would love too. Feel free to email me at your convenience. Thanks for your time!
-Patrick Murray

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